adabond offers you an interface for your customers in Sweden, if needed also for your customers in Denmark and Norway. No need to start a company or set up an operation.

adabond offers you a transparent and cost-efficiant solution where local and global support, team work and innovation are empowered. This is a better solution for your global customers compared to using many different resellers supporting their local market but not your global market.

adabond supports your customers and your organisation with deep knowledge in mechanical and hybrid joining as well as application support, training, product development and innovation.

adabond acts as a committed representative for you and your products. We look for your next customer, the next one and the next one after that.

adabond offers you a transparent sales price model where you set the sales prices. We charge you a fixed rate and our expenses – nothing more, nothing less.

”Contact adabond for more information about a cooperation.”

With adabond, products and invoices go directly from your organisation to your customers. Likewise, the payments from your customers go directly to your organisation.